2023 Sasha Waltz & Guests is celebrating its 30th anniversary: The company was founded by Sasha Waltz and Jochen Sandig in Berlin in 1993. To date, numerous artists and ensembles from the fields of architecture, visual arts, choreography, film, design, literature, fashion and music from more than 60 countries have collaborated as »Guests« on over 100 productions, »Dialoge« projects and films.

Sasha Waltz & Guests works in an international and national constantly evolving network of production and guest performance partners, and since its foundation in 1993 has performed at over 300 venues and festivals in more than 50 countries and 180 cities. Today, the company is showing its current repertoire of 12 active pieces in about 80 performances each year. In Berlin, the company cooperates with a wide range of municipal theatres, opera houses and museums and has contributed to the establishing of new cultural institutions such as Sophiensæle (1996), St. Elisabeth Kirche (2004) and Radialsystem (2006).

2013, the company has been named »European Cultural Ambassador« by the European Union. In 2014, Sasha Waltz & Guests was awarded the »george tabori ehrenpreis« by the Fonds Darstellende Künste.

Apart from Berlin stagings, national and international guest performances and the continual work on the repertoire, Sasha Waltz & Guests has been increasingly committed to educational and social projects. In 2007, the Children's and Youth Dance Company (»Kinder- und Jugendtanzcompany«) was founded and since 2016 the interdisciplinary and open exchange platform »ZUHÖREN« serves as a »third space for art and politics«. Alongside these initiatives, the company continues to propose diverse offers in the field of knowledge transfer.

With the work »In C«, based on Terry Riley's open composition of the same name, a system with an internationally growing community has been developing since spring 2021: the choreographic material was recorded in video tutorials to enable easy knowledge transfer. As a result, participatory, diverse, international and sustainable »In C« projects, workshop formats and ever new structures have emerged worldwide.

Sasha Waltz & Guests is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Community.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests and its artistic work are committed to a democratic, open and diverse society. We welcome open discussion and the sharing of different perspectives in our collaborative work and in our interactions with our audiences. We do not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour or statements based on ethnic background, nationality, religion, sexual or gender identity, physical or mental ability, age, language or social status.

Every person in Germany, regardless of their nationality, is protected from discrimination by the Basic Law (Article 3), the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG) and additionally in Berlin, the Berlin State Anti-Discrimination Act (LADG). Everyone has the right to take action against discrimination on behalf of themselves or others.



Lisa Sziedat

Office and Travel Organisation

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Artistic Direction

Sasha Waltz

Jochen Sandig

Board of Directors / Management

Sasha Waltz

Jochen Sandig

Bärbel Kern

Reinhard Wizisla

Chief Financial Officer

Stephan Schmidt


Bärbel Kern

Head of Artistic Planning and Production

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Eleanor Salter

Artistic Production Management

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Steffen Döring

Assistance Direction and Production Management

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Tour Management

Karsten Liske

Tour Management

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Communication and Marketing

Stephanie Bender

Head of Communication and Marketing, Press and Media Relations

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Sibah Pomplun

Public Relations and Marketing

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Kira Schmitz

Assistance Communication and Marketing

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Mika Albrink

Social Media Management

Jasmin Falk

Social Media Management

Education & Community

Emilie Guérin

Direction Education & Community

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Sarah Potrafke 

Project Management Move Your Kiez – Spandau

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Reinhard Wizisla

Technical Direction

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Moritz Hauptvogel

Assistance Technical Direction

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Martin Hauk

Light / Second Technical Direction
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Olaf Danilsen

Assistance Light

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Sandra Tiersch

Costume Direction

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Nadja Herklotz

Assistance Costume

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Dr. Kei Ishii