Sasha Waltz & Guests
30. Juni, 1. Juli 2022
Sibiu International Theatre Festival
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We are continuing our online program with one of Sasha Waltz' early pieces: »Travelogue I – Twenty to eight« (1993).A recording of the piece from the Radialsystem (2007) will be available as Video-on-Demand on our YouTube channel free of charge from today, 27 May to 5 June 2022 - enjoy!»Starting point of »Travelogue I – Twenty to eight« is the kitchen. On this location, five people meet. The kitchen acts as a mirror in which rituals, habits and behaviour patterns can be observed and reflected as they truly are. Through these reflections a web of relationships is woven. The characters run around, neurotic and obsessive in their actions, lonely and lost, unable to find a way out – prisoners of their own social structures.»Sasha Waltz on her choreographic work ©Sebastian Bolesch ... See MoreSee Less

27. Mai. 2022, 5:31  ·  

TOITOITOI to the 12 Bulgarian dancers performing »In C« by Sasha Waltz & Guests tonight and tomorrow for the first time in Sofia!For the past weeks and months the dancer Orlando Rodriguez - part of the original cast of »In C« - has been teaching the choreographic figures (online and offline) to 12 contemporary dancers from Sofia and Bulgaria. And tonight they will for the first time present their version of »In C« at Toplocentrala, a new venue for contemporary arts in Sofia. ... See MoreSee Less

27. Mai. 2022, 4:21  ·  

KreaturSasha Waltz & Guests30. Juni1. Juli 2022Sibiu International Theatre FestivalFoto ©Luna Zscharnt ... See MoreSee Less

25. Mai. 2022, 10:33  ·  

Unter dem Titel „Dialogue“ spricht Sasha Waltz am Di, 24. Mai 2022 um 18:30 Uhr in der Reihe „Artefakte“ an der @design_pf mit dem Kunst- und Designtheoretiker Robert Eikmeyer über ihre künstlerische Arbeit.Foto: César Martins#designpf #sashawaltz #artefakte #dialogue ... See MoreSee Less

24. Mai. 2022, 5:38  ·  

Morgen, Sonntag 22.5., gibt es wieder Raqs Sharqi Community Dancing mit Nora Amin auf dem Gelände der @Berlin Mondiale I Dammweg Campus. Der Workhop richtet sich an Frauen jeden Alters, die Freude an der Bewegung haben, definitiv keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich!Foto ©Eva Radünzel ... See MoreSee Less

21. Mai. 2022, 8:00  ·