Workshops in Northisrael

After the guest performances of »Continu« by Sasha Waltz & Guests at the Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv, the three dancers Yael Schnell, Michal Mualem and Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola – all longterm collaborators of the company – gave two workshops for young performers in the north of Israel, hosted in Kfar Yassif by the Gsharim Dance Group and in Afula by the Tarbut School. These 3-day workshops from May 21st to 23rd were coordinated by dancer and dance teacher Elik Niv, who has been performing in different productions of Sasha Waltz in the past years.

About 40 artists from different artistic fields (dancers, musicians and actors) attended both workshops and experimented in different groups with various aspects of artistic creation; sharing body, space, time together, exchanging their thoughts and establishing strong relationships.

With these workshops in the frame of its »Education & Community«-program Sasha Waltz & Guests wishes to intensify already existing contacts and collaborations with active local artists and encourage artistic exchange and transmission of knowledge away from the cultural hotspots in the big cities.