»Beethoven 7« – a new choreography by Sasha Waltz

On 11 March »Beethoven 7«, the new two-part evening by Sasha Waltz & Guests, will receive its world premiere at Radialsystem, Berlin: a choreography by Sasha Waltz to a commissioned work by contemporary composer Diego Noguera and to Ludwig van Beethoven’s 7th symphony. The performances in March 2023 are already sold out, but the piece will be performed again on 31 August and from 1 to 3 September. Ticket sales will start in June.

Back in June 2021, Sasha Waltz devised a choreography to two movements from Ludwig van Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony at the ancient temple in Delphi as part of ARTE’s production »Mit Beethoven durch Europa«. Now, Sasha Waltz together with an ensemble of 13 dancers devotes herself to Symphony no. 7 in A Major, op. 92 in its entirety. This music originated at the end of the composers life in 1812, when he was already going deaf, and touches on topics of his time, that are still relevant to us today: the failure of a revolution, a (forced) return to old traditions, a friction between the desire for societal transformation and restoration and the accompanying loss of freedom and future perspectives.

In the first part of the evening, Sasha Waltz takes up these topics to the electronic sounds of Diego Noguera titled »Freiheit/Extasis«, that are developed during the creation process, and reinterprets them from a contemporary point of view. How do personal freedom and societal constraints relate to each other.

In 1812, Beethoven noted in his diary »Are real, true people slaves to their environment or free?« and witnessed, to his own dismay, the political idea of freedom falter between the French Revolution and the European Restoration. Despite this, his work remains a definitive expression of an aesthetic idea of artistic freedom.

Beethoven 7
Sasha Waltz & Guests
world premiere
11 March 2023, 8 pm
further performances
10 March, 8 pm (preview)
12 March, 6 pm
as well as 31 August, and 1. 2. 3. September 2023 (start of ticket sales for these performances estimated in June.)

There will be moments of loud music and extreme lighting effects in the first half of the play. Oropax are available from the evening staff.

Choreography / Concept
Sasha Waltz
Ludwig van Beethoven
Diego Noguera (live)

Bernd Skodzig
Federico Polucci

Martin Hauk
Jörg Bittner

Jochen Sandig
Christopher Drum

Yael Schnell

Dance / Choreography
Clémentine Deluy
Rosa Dicuonzo**
Edivaldo Ernesto
Tian Gao
Eva Georgitsopoulou
Hwanhee Hwang
Annapaola Leso
Jaan Männima
Sean Nederlof
Virgis Puodziunas
Sasa Queliz
Zaratiana Randrianantenaina / Lorena Justribó Manion
Orlando Rodriguez
** Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im ProgrammNEUSTART KULTUR, Absolvent*innen-Förderung DIS-TANZ-START des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

A production by Sasha Waltz & Guests. Made in Radialsystem.