World premiere of EΞΟΔΟΣ I Exodos by Sasha Waltz on 23 August in Berlin

On 23rd August 2018 the new creation EΞΟΔΟΣ I Exodos by Sasha Waltz will have its world premiere at the Radialsystem in Berlin with three more performances on 24th, 25th and 26th August.  For the first time the Berlin audience will have the opportunity to see a preview of the piece on 20th and 22nd August – and there will be a ticket contingent available at the box office for all Berlin performances. The production is a coproduction with the Ruhrtriennale – EΞΟΔΟΣ I Exodos will be performed during the festival at the Jahrhunderhalle Bochum in September.

In EΞΟΔΟΣ I Exodos Sasha Waltz explores how humans and their collective movements are shaped by the desire to break out of the Here into the There, out of the Self into the We, out of material space into spaces made of sound and light. In modern Greek, EΞΟΔΟΣ I Exodos means egress, going out into nightlife, as well as literally the exit. What spaces and states do we want to probe into? What forces do our insistent touch unleash? To explore shared dynamics, Sasha Waltz dissolves the boundaries between stage and auditorium.

With EΞΟΔΟΣ I Exodos the choreographer is building up on the existential subject matter of »Kreatur« (2017), as well as the collaboration with Soundwalk Collective and lighting designer Urs Schönebaum. The dance crew consists of 26 dancers of Sasha Waltz & Guests.

The public moves freely through the performance. The performance-duration will be approx. 3 hours. The box office opens at 7 pm on performance days.

EΞΟΔΟΣ I Exodos is a production by Sasha Waltz & Guests in coproduction with the Ruhrtriennale. Made in Radialsystem.

Sasha Waltz
World premiere on 23. August 2018 at Radialsystem
further performances in Berlin on 24. 25. 26. August 2018
previews on 20. 22. August 2018
all performances start at 8 pm