KiCo-Teens at the Festival »Rampenlichter« in Munich!

The teens group of Sasha Waltz & Guests’ children’s dance company will perform their latest piece »Teqsi muyu marq’ay – A Warm Embrace for the Earth« at the Festival Rampenlichter in Munich in mid-July 2019! We are very happy about this honor!

»Teqsi muyu marq’ay – Eine warme Umarmung für die Erde«
Dorection/Choreography: Gabriel Galindez Cruz
Dance/Choreography: Teens of the Kindertanzcompany Sasha Waltz & Guests
9. und 10. Juli 2019
Theater Schwere Reiter
Festival »Rampenlichter«

Sasha Waltz & Guests Kindertanzcompany 2018 ©Eva Radünzel

With »Teqsi muyu marq’ay – A warm embrace for the earth« the teens group of Sasha Waltz & Guests invites their audience to an experiment which reminds of our deep connection with nature and of a common life with all humans and living beings on earth.

While we are still talking about it, many people are already feeling the effects of climate change. Daily and strong. In order to feel this reality in their hearts and to bring it to us, the young dancers put themselves into the lives of those individually affected – the texts to be heard in the first part of the performance are about them. In this way, contact with the audience is established directly and abruptly and an awareness of the problems created by civilized human hands is awakened.

A life in harmony with nature and the importance of adapting to it is the second part of the teens group’s enjoyable movement. In a workshop with the dancer Luz Zenaida Hualpa Garcia from Cuzco, Peru, the teens learned the new interpretation of a festive group dance of the Quechua culture called »Salqa qocha wallata warak’ay« (»Dance of the Andean Goose from Lake Salqa«). Traditional Peruvian rhythms touch and lead the dancers as a swarm united into organic movements of contemporary dance.

To combine originality and modernity holds the possibility to escape the vicious circle of our current understanding of progress and development, to create something completely new and to find solutions for a common future.

»Teqsi muyu marq’ay – A warm embrace for the earth« is a passionate, urgent appeal to a gentle humanity, to reliable integrity and comprehensive love for nature and all living beings.

Watch the trailer on Vimeo!