»Impromptus« in Lissabon

We are proud to announce that the choreography »Impromptus« by Sasha Waltz will be taken into the repertory of the Companhia National de Bailado in Lissabon – premiering on the 25th April 2018 at the Teatro Camoes.

With »Impromptus« (2005) Sasha Waltz for the first time develops a dance piece based on the structure of a classical music composition. The music is performed live onstage together with vocal accompaniment of four »Schubert-Lieder«. In a subtle way the dance like the music creates emotional states between weightless floating and being off balance. In her work Sasha Waltz researches the existential questions of the human body with its vulnerability and beauty. Dance at its most riveting, at once unmasking, manipulating, and ultimately exalting in the innumerable aspects that make us human.

Sasha Waltz
25. April to 5. Mai 2018
Companhia National de Bailado