Back to Berlin: »Körper«!

Sasha Waltz’s classic »Körper« will return to Berlin after six years and numerous performances abroad. From 23rd to 27th the piece will be shown at Haus der Berliner Festspiele. Advanced ticket sale has begun!

Sasha Waltz
Hans Peter Kuhn
Haus der Berliner Festspiele
23. 24. 26. 27. November 2016
Tickets: Haus der Berliner Festspiele Körper

Körper means bodies. Körper engages twelve dancers in a particularly rich variety of movement. Linking architecture and body, Körper asks the questions: What is the body? How is it constructed? The dance analyzes morality, the quest for immortality, and investigates reproduction in the age of genetic manipulation. Sasha Waltz looks at the bodies in everyday situations. She beserves their matter, their nudity, their rythms. She measures and weighs them, counts hair, pours the liquids out, trades the organs. She arranges the bodies of thirteen dancers in order to create a serie of spectacular tableaux vivants.

Direction, Choreography: Sasha Waltz
Music: Hans Peter Kuhn
Stage: Thomas Schenk, Heike Schuppelius, Sasha Waltz
Costumes: Bernd Skodzig
Light: Valentin Gallé, Martin Hauk
Dance, Choreography: Davide Camplani, Clémentine Deluy, Lisa Densem, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, Luc Dunberry, Anthony Lomuljo, Nicola Mascia, Grayson Millwood, Virgis Puodziunas, Claudia de Serpa Soares, Takako Suzuki, Laurie Young, Sigal Zouk
Repetition: Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola

First thing in the morning I open my two eyes. Most of the time I found myself lying on my back. I stretch one arm, the second arm and I shake my legs. Then I go to the shower and I brushe my teeth. After I go to the kitchen and make myself espresso. I open my mouth and I feel how the espresso goes down in my throat. Then, with my fingers, I roll myself cigarettes. Sometimes my fingers are shaking. Maybe it´s because I smoke too much. Then, with my first shachta from the cigarette I need to run with my legs to the toilet. I sit on my ass and I take a shit. If I stand up too quickly I feel how my blood pressure goes down and my legs start to colaps. Then I need to sit again and to breath from my nose, 3 count in, 3 count out. After I go to the kitchen to cut my nails. They grow so quick, that every 4 days I need to cut them.
Then, I´m ready to go to work.
I put on my neck a scarf and on my torso I put a coat. There are some days that are so cold that my face, my ears, my nose, my lips, my teeth are frozen and if it´s a windy day I have tears from my eyes and my saliva hang up from my mouth.

This is my body: Back side, profile and front side.
I didn´t really choose it. I was just born more or less like this.
Now, I am 1,84 m, my weight is 21kg and a half and inside my whole body I have 12 litres of water.
I have a head, a small mouth and two big brown eyes.
I didn´t got the beautiful green eyes of my mother. It just didn´t happen. Instead I got all this points in my skin and a lot of hair from my fathers side.
Normally I don´t have big problems with my body. Just sometimes I have this stupid herpes on my lips and I really hate it. And once a month I have this horrible pain all around my stomach. I mean my breasts get bigger, my stomach gets bigger and I just feel that I am inside another body.
Then, I think there are really two things that I should stop doing. First: stop biting my nails. My hands are just horrible but sometimes it is just too hard. Second: stop smoking. I never did an X-ray, but I´m sure that my lungs must be quite dark.

Lately, if I get up too fast, I feel a prickling in my feet and my head starts spinning.
I was wondering what was wrong with me so I went to my neighbour. I knocked on his door and I asked: »Do you think there’s something wrong with me?« And he said:  »No«, but I cannot trust him, because he’s not a doctor. He’s a computer-freak. It’s not only my feet, it’s also my stomach who gets blurry from time to time and my throat hurts. I cough and I get difficulties swallowing. So I checked my tonsils, but they seemed all right. Then I got more nervous and there’s a tightening in my lungs and I couldn´t breathe anymore. I thought maybe it was my thyroid glared which was unstable, or my pancreas which needed stimulation, but, how should I know? My stomach is also affecting my whole digestive system, I get clogged intestines and my liver is out of place and my brain is too weak and I‘m afraid I’m gonna get a cerebral accident or even a heart attack. So I finally decided to go to the doctor. I was breathing like crazy, I felt like puking and I asked: »Do you think I have cancer«?

I was lying on my stomach on the picnic blanket popped up on my elbows with my head in my hands. I could feel the sun beating down on my shoulders and I knew I was getting a tan from the waist line up. I sat up on my butt and I took a beer between my two fingers and my thumb. My mouth was dry and the beer felt good travelling down my throat towards my stomach.
By the time she arrived I was sweating from my forehead as well as the usual places, my arm pits, my groin and the palms of my hands. She kissed me in a funny place, not on the cheek, or on the lips or even the eyes, but in that little groove between the nose and the upper lip. She let her bag slide off her shoulders, rolled her pants up above her knees and lay down with the back of her head on my stomach. She said she could hear my organs working, she said she could hear my heart beating …
I undid the buckle on my pants, and I showed her the birth mark on my thigh. I wanted to show her everything, everything about me that makes me different from everybody else, the length of my limbs, the coulor of my eyes, my widows peak and the hair on my bum, my long fingers, and toes, and fore arms, and neck. The freakles on my shins and shoulders. The cracks in knees and back and jaw. And the scar behind my ear.
She tried to run, but her ankle twisted in the picnic blanked, her bag caught me in the face, and my nose started to bleed. I slipped on the empty beer bottle, the straps of her bag pulled on the insides of her elbows and she landed on top of me. We layed still. I could feel where my knee touched her thigh, where her breasts touched my rib cage, and I watched my blood trickle down over her shoulder.