Asian Premiere: »Matsukaze« opens Hongkongs New Vision Arts Festival 2016

For the first time after its world premiere in Brussels in 2011 and guest performances at our european partners we will show »Matsukaze« by Sasha Waltz (choreography) & Toshio Hosokawa (composition) overseas.


The opera »Matsukaze« marks the highpoint of my artistic research of the last ten years.Music and dance woven together like a miraculous web of unconsciousness. The opera guides into the world of ancient Nô-theatre with a contemporary face. But it also carries us into the realms of human spirit with its attachments/bonds of Love that captivates us beyond death. The piece talks about the spiritual salvation of all attachments through the power of nature. Nature helps us realize our position in the universe and leads up to a spiritual path.

Sasha Waltz on her choreographic opera »Matsukaze«

Matsukaze – trailer from Sasha Waltz & Guests on Vimeo.