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»Radiale Nacht« with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra

Dialoge '13 - Kolkata

We"ve been meeting the great Mahler Chamber Orchestra again!
In January 2013, we have put together our latest big project: A »Dialoge«-project which revived the old palaces of Kolkata, India.
Part of this production was now performed in early May for the »Radiale Nacht« at Radialsystem V. Claudia de Serpa Soares and Xuan Shi danced a delicate duet to the music of Alfred Schnittke. This time, the dialogue between dance and music and the meeting of the two ensembles was characterized by a special fact: Sasha Waltz & Guests and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra are both »Cultural Ambassadors of the European Union«. The company was just recently awarded the title, while the MCO have been EU-Ambassador since 2011.