»Orfeo« premiered in Amsterdam!

No matter how many projects we have already done, each premiere is to us a big, exciting and pulsating event. After half a year of preparation we were almost ready  to show the new choreographic opera »Orfeo« for the first time!
Since this new production had been rehearsed at RADIALSYSTEM Berlin but should celebrate its premiere at the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam, the staging needed to be adapted to the new situation. What is more, another premiere to come was rehearsed in the same period of time, so set designs sometimes needed to disappear at all:

Claudio Monteverdi’s »Orfeo« is considered to be the first opera and a masterpiece of European musical history. For Sasha Waltz, Orfeo brings together different strands from previous creations. After first encountering the myth of Orpheus in Pascal Dusapin‘s chamber opera »Passion«, Sasha Waltz returned to the roots of baroque music and not only involved the choir and the soloists in the movement on stage, but also drew the dancers into the musical performance. Here are some impressions:

For her »Orfeo«, Sasha Waltz worked once more together with director Pablo Heras-Casado and the vocal soloists Charlotte Hellekant and Georg Nigl. She also continued her long running partnership with the Vocalconsort Berlin. This project brought also together the company Sasha Waltz & Guests with the Freiburger Barockconsort – the Freiburger Barockorchester’s chamber group – for their first ever collaboration.
On October 3rd it was time to open the curtains and show »Orfeo« to an enthuastic audience.

Thank you, dearest dancers, dear Barockconsort, dear Pablo, dear Charlotte, dear Georg: Es war ein Fest!