»Travelogue I – Twenty to eight« as video-on-demand on YouTube

From May 27th to June 5th we continue our online program on our YouTube channel with a recording of one of Sasha Waltz’ earliest pieces »Travelogue I – Twenty to eight« (1993).

1993 Sasha Waltz came to Berlin on invitation of the Künstlerhaus Bethanien to work on an interdisciplinary project with the title »Dialoge«. Following her residency at Bethanien and in a coproduction with Grand Théâtre Groningen and the newly founded dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests the first part of the later iconic Travelogue trilogy »Travelogue I – Twenty to eight« (1993) was created.

»Starting point of »Travelogue I – Twenty to eight« is the kitchen. On this location, five people meet. The kitchen acts as a mirror in which rituals, habits and behaviour patterns can be observed and reflected as they truly are. Through these reflections a web of relationships is woven. The characters run around, neurotic and obsessive in their actions, lonely and lost, unable to find a way out – prisoners of their own social structures.«
Sasha Waltz on her choreographic work

Travelogue I – Twenty to eight
Sasha Waltz

Davide Camplani, Maria Marta Colusi, Edivaldo Ernesto, Mamajeang Kim, Florencia Lamarca

The piece was developed by and with the dancers Nasser Martin-Gousset, Ákos Hargitay/Thomas Lehmen, Charlotte Zerbey, Takako Suzuki and Sasha Waltz.

World Premiere: 16.09.1993 Grand Théâtre Groningen
Recording: 2007 at Radialsystem

A co-production by Sasha Waltz & Guests and Grand Théâtre Groningen, NL. With friendly support of the Berlin Government Dep. for Culturals Affairs, Fonds of Performing Arts, Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.