»In C« with live music by the Mahler Chamber Orchestra December 8 to 11 at Radialsystem

Sasha Waltz has been nominated for »In C« for the New York Dance & Performance Award The Bessies in the category »Outstanding Choreographer/Creator«! How fitting that our program at the Berlin Radialsystem in December will also revolve round »In C«: we will perform the choreography from December 8 to 11 with live music by the renowned Mahler Chamber Orchestra. The performance on December 10th will be with an audio description for persons with vision impairment or low vision.

After a successfull digital world premiere in March 2021 from the Radialsystem in Berlin and (inter-)national performances in Ludwigsburg, Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Barcelone, New York, Rome and Strasbourg as well as special site-specific versions like »In C – Marler Partitur« in the city of Marl in North Rhine-Westfalia or a performance together with the Bang on a Can All-Stars and young artists from Codarts in an old submarine wharf in Rotterdam, »In C« returns to Berlin from December 8 to 11, when it will be performed for the first time with live music of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra at the Radialsystem.

Also a new group within the Kindertanzcompany (children’s dance company) has formed beginning of 2022 specifically to learn and adapt the choreographic material from Sasha Waltz’ »In C«. They will perform their version at the Radialsystem on December 9 and 10 with the title »In C – nächste Generation«.

In C live with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra December 8 to 11 at Radialsystem

»In C« by Sasha Waltz & Guests is a colorful excursion into the world of minimal music. Based on Terry Riley’s revolutionary and open composition by the same name from 1964, Sasha Waltz and her dancers in 2021 developed choreographic material that follows a similarly variable structure and therefore always leaves room for new variants. It is an experimental, constantly evolving process that reconceives and refines Sasha Waltz & Guests’ long-standing approach as well as the dialogue between dance, music and space, both digitally and in real life.

In collaboration with Gravity Access Services Berlin the Radialsystem for the performance on December 10th offers an audio description for persons with vision impairment or low vision. Please register via phone +49 (0)30 288 788 588 or email ticket@radialsystem.de. You can find further information on this service here.

Mahler Chamber Orchestra ©Molina Visuals

In C
Sasha Waltz & Guests
Terry Riley
Mahler Chamber Orchestra
8. 9. 10. December 2022, 8 pm – Dec 10th with audio description
11. December 2022, 6 pm
Radialsystem Berlin
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»In C – nächste Generation« at Radialsystem December 9 and 10

Since the beginning of 2022 a group of the Kindertanzcompany of Sasha Waltz & Guests consisting of members from the kids- and teens-group has been working with the choreographic material of Sasha Waltz’ »In C« based on the piece by the same name by Terry Riley. Together with experienced »In C«-performes they developed their own interpretation of the structured but playful improvisation. The group will present their adapation of the material »In C – nächste Generation«  (next generation) on December 9 (performance for schools) and 10 to the public.

In C – nächste Generation
Kindertanzcompany Sasha Waltz & Guests
Terry Riley
9. December 2022, 10:30 am (performance for schools)
10. December 2022, 3 pm
Radialsystem Berlin
Further information to tickets for the performance December 10th as well as registration for schools on December 9th.