Special Photo Edition

Gift yourself or someone else with a piece of Sasha Waltz & Guests to take home with our exclusive photo edition.

exclusive photo print DIN A1 / DIN A2 autographed by Sasha Waltz

UV LED-print, 4/0c
Material: 200 g/qm Bilderdruckpapier
Format: DIN A1 / DIN A2
Price: DIN A1 – 140 € incl. shipping / DIN A2 – 80€ incl. shipping
framing: possible on request

All orders until Dec 15th with payment until Dec 17th will be send out before christmas.
All later orders will be processed in the new year.

Kreatur Bilderdruck ©Sasha Waltz

With the world premiere of »Kreatur« in June 2017 Sasha Waltz returned to her artistic roots after having dedicated ten years to the development of her choreographic operas. For »Kreatur« Sasha Waltz with her 14 dancers examines the phenomena of existence against the background of a disrupted society: power and a lack of power, dominance and weakness, freedom and control, community and isolation. The picture – taken by the choreographer herself – originated during the rehearsal process of the choreography which has been performed more than 64 times at renowned venues and festivals in 18 cities in 11 countries since its world premiere at radialsystem Berlin on June 9th, 2017.
Foto: © Sasha Waltz