Romanian portraits by Xuan Shi and Niannian Zhou

Taken during the guest performance of »Continu« in Sibiu, Romania.

    1. Christa Loewenbrueck

      Thank you for the wonderful photos, videos and information. I wish I had been there, could have experienced it all.
      I wish Sasha Waltz and all participants every success with the further work and – last but not least – generous sponsors.

  1. Dana Lavie

    These portraits are super impressive. Well done, Niannian & Xuan!
    I kind of hear them talk (probably influenced by Frühstück in Vilnius).
    [ “Hey boy, you look funny with that camera, put it down and come sit with us, we’ll tell you a story” — “What? It’s delicious and it’s mine.” — “I can do this next-level-polenta, you must try!” — “Pick a fruit, boy. It’s full of love.” — “Is it lunchtime yet?” — “…that soufflé.. …theatre..” – “That’s it.” — “28 more minutes..” – “You ready to dance, boy?” ]