World premiere of »rauschen« at the Volksbühne Berlin – Ticket sale starts soon

© César Martins

On 7th March 2019 Sasha Waltz & Guests' new project »rauschen« will have its world premiere at the Volksbühne Berlin with further performances from March 8th through 10th and April 25th through 28th. Ticket sales for the March-performances start on February 1st - online or via telephone +49 (0)30 240 65 777.

»Allee der Kosmonauten« at Volksbühne Berlin

Sasha Waltz’ bizarre scenario of three generations living together in a prefab-housing estate will be shown at the Volskbühne Berlin for the first time on March 2nd and 3rd. Tickets can be purchased online or via phone +49 (0)30 240 65 777.

»Kreatur« again on tour

Ensemble Kreatur © Sebastian Bolesch

We are very excited that »Kreatur« by Sasha Waltz & Guests will be presented in December at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten and the Théâtres de la Ville in Luxembourg, who coproduced the production.

»Körper« at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele with photo exhibition

Körper © Bernd Uhlig
Ensemble Körper © Bernd Uhlig

Since its premiere in 2000 at the Schaubühne Berlin the first part of the »Körper«-trilogy by Sasha Waltz with music by Hans Peter Kuhn has been performed in close to 50 cities in more than 30 countries. On 21st October »Körper« celebrated its 200th performance during our US-tour in Berkeley, California. From 6th to 9th December the piece will return to the Haus der Berliner Festspiele. Parallel to the performances the company shows an exhibition of the pictures the renowned fotographer Bernd Uhlig took during the production process in 2000.

We are many – every single one of us

Berliner Erklärung der Vielen

On the 9th of November 2018 over 140 cultural institutions in Berlin such as theatres, art galleries, museums and cultural spaces commit to a solidary society and the freedom of the arts through signing the Berlin Declaration of The Many - so does Sasha Waltz & Guests.

25 years of Sasha Waltz & Guests: Preview of our program until summer 2019

25 Jahre Sasha Waltz & Guests Grafik ©Daniel Wiesmann
25 Jahre Sasha Waltz & Guests Grafik ©Daniel Wiesmann

25 years of Sasha Waltz & Guests – the anniversary continues: A new piece at the Volksbühne Berlin, repertory with longtime partners, »Körper« and »Kreatur« accompanied by a photo exhibition and a sound installation in December, the annual showing of the Kindertanzcompany, Dabke Community Dance and world wide touring.