»Körper« at Opéra de Lille

Since its premiere in 2000 at the Schaubühne Berlin the first part of the »Körper«-trilogy by Sasha Waltz with music by Hans Peter Kuhn has been performed in over 48 cities in more than 30 countries. In June the piece will be presented at the Opéra de Lille for the first time as part of the program of the festival Latitudes Contemporaines.

The festival was founded in 2003 in northern France and focusses on new forms of live performance, in which the body is a primary component. 3 weeks in June the Festival offers an open space for artistic approaches committed to aesthetic, sensitive and/or relational research with its audiences.

Sasha Waltz’ choreography »Körper« tries to understand the fundamental split imposed on us by our physical nature through a sober recognition of the body’s materiality. It interrogates cultural templates for movement, brutal forms of pleasure, enhanced performance and cosmetic improvement: the body regarded as a resource. Why do we treat our fragility with such severity? Why do the accounts of our own bodies always bypass what we actually feel? Naked to the skeleton, the piece submits the body to an even more radical undressing: the removal of the names which afflict and conceal it at every turn. Twisting and turning the body, taking it down wrong paths, over and over again this choreography begins the work of a genuine making-visible. The body appears as something never before seen.


Choreography: Sasha Waltz

Music: Hans Peter Kuhn

14. 15. June, 8 pm

Opéra de Lille