»Impromptus« at Torino Danza Festival

On 19th September »Impromptus« by Sasha Waltz is invited at Torino Danza Festival. »Impromptus« (2004) marked the beginning of Sasha Waltz’s work with classical music for the big stage.

She combines the high density pieces of Schubert’s »Impromptus« piano series with some of his Lieder (Songs). Sasha Waltz created »Impromptus« as an intimate choreography, centered around dance and deeply rooted in the human body and space. To the tones of Schubert’s music, soft and dreamy or dark and melancholic scenes emerge. The emotion – touched upon by Schubert’s music – of a sublimated and unfulfilled longing for love, runs through the entire choreography. Sasha Waltz answers the rich imagery of Franz Schubert’s work with her own, choreographic images in space.

No man can understand another’s pain or joy! One always believes he is approaching another when in fact they are walking side by side. Oh, what torment for one who comprehends!       Franz Schubert

Impromptus © Sebastian Bolesch

© Sebastian Bolesch