Guest performance at Romaeuropa

The company is getting ready for their first tour since the lockdown: We are very excited to be part of this year’s program of Romaeuropa with the movie »Dialoge 09 – MAXXI« and the project »Dialoge Roma 2020 – Terra Sacra«.

Originally scheduled to perform the legendary dance piece »Allee der Kosmonauten«, Sasha Waltz adapted to the current situation and developed an adaptation of her latest project in correlation of music, choreography and architecture, which recently premiered in Berlin and artistically refers to the idea of the »Dialogues«, which have taken place regularly since the company’s founding in 1993. 

Eleven years ago, Sasha Waltz & Guests’ »Dialoge 09 – MAXXI« inaugurated the Museo Nazionale delle arti del XXI Secolo (MAXXI). The festival uses the occasion of the museum’s 10th anniversary to present to an audience for the first time the movie which originated in November 2009. The movie will be shown on 15 September on the forecourt of the MAXXI.

In »Dialoge Roma 2020 – Terra Sacra« 21 dancers will convert the space in front of the Auditorium Parco della Musica into a stage from 18 to 20 September. The evening begins with individual dance solos grappling with the toppic of discrimination to the trumpet solo »I can’t breathe« by Georg Friedrich Haas. The solo was written as a direct response to the violent death of Eric Garner and the Black Lives Matter movement in 2014 for the Ensemble Musikfabrik Köln.

Subsequent the audience will experience an adaptation of Sasha Waltz’ choreography »Sacre« (2013) to the ballet »Le sacre du printemps« by Igor Stravinsky, which gives the project its title, telling the story of a spring rite, of sacrifice and the chance at new beginnings. Present-day times lend new acuteness to the oeuvre: The Covid 19 pandemic demands great sacrifices of every member of the society, the arts are highly affected by it. The adaptation creatively deals with the limiting conditions and circumstances of our current situation and also aims at expressing art’s relevance, the artistic cast mainly consisting of freelance dancers.

The interdisciplinary projects »Dialogues« are important and powerful creative fields for Sasha Waltz´ work. They are intensive and inspired encounters between different artforms at very specific places. Often they mark the beginning of the development of a new choreographic work.

»For me, the most important thing regarding the »Dialogue«-projects, is the experience of so many different forms and worlds in dance and music. I am interested in the biggest possible freedom of art and not in any limitation in form and content.«

Sasha Waltz

Dialoge Roma 2020
Terra Sacra
Sasha Waltz & Guests
18. 19. 20. September 2020, 9 pm

Direction / Choreography
Sasha Waltz
Costume Design
Jasmin Lepore
Bernd Skodzig (»Sacre«)
Lighting Design
Martin Hauk
Jochen Sandig
Dance / Choreography
Jirí Bartovanec
Davide Camplani
Maria Marta Colusi
Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola
Davide Di Pretoro
Luc Dunberry
Edivaldo Ernesto
Yuya Fujinami
Tian Gao
Hwanhee Hwang
Annapaola Leso
Margaux Marielle-Tréhoüart
Sergiu Matis
Michal Mualem
Sean Nederlof
Virgis Puodziunas
Zaratiana Randrianantenaina
Orlando Rodriguez
Mata Sakka
Yael Schnell
Claudia de Serpa Soares
Joel Suárez Gómez
Antonio Ruz Jimenez

A production by Sasha Waltz & Guests.
Sasha Waltz & Guests is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.