#Global Climate Strike, Sept 20 – 2019: Still. Stand. Bewegung.

Dance knows no boundaries as a language.
Dance uses gravity to overcome it.
Dance needs trust to get into balance.

We hear our children.
We feel their fears.
We care about their future.
We bear responsibility.

We overcome our paralysis.
We gather our strength.
We set ourselves in motion.

We are many.
We hold power together.
We hold together.

The climate is out of control,
because we’ve lost our measure and balance.

We have to listen to our children.
We must act.

We need a change.
The course for the future is set today.
Join us for the Future!

Sept 20 – 2019

Hold together!

Sasha Waltz & Jochen Sandig
and the team of Sasha Waltz & Guests