Berlin-Performances in December – ticket sale started

Even if the pandemic is tightening its grip again and we are currently in a second lockdown, we are very much hoping we will be able to dance for our audience again in December when we have two performance-series planned at radialsystem and Volksbühne. Ticket sales have started, so here comes further information (with reservations).

In August Sasha Waltz & Guests startet the new season 20/21 with the open air project »Dialoge 2020 – Relevante Systeme« at radialsystem Berlin. From 3rd to 6th December the dance company plans to return there with »Dialoge 2020 – Relevante Systeme II«. This will be an evening of improvisations, in which the musicians from Berlins rich electronic music scene Lucrecia Dalt, Brendan Dougherty, Diego Noguera Berger and Acid Pauli, and dancers of Sasha Waltz & Guests will interact live on stage. After »Dialoge – Wirbel« in 2018 this is the second time Sasha Waltz returns to the origins of the idea of the »Dialogues« as they already took place long before the iconic sitespecfic projects f.e. at the Jüdisches Museum, the Neues Museum or the MAXXI in Rome.

In »rauschen«, which premiered in coproduction with the Volksbühne in 2019, Sasha Waltz deals with a society which, within the sceneries of its perfect living spaces, has lost sight of the world. A scenario that George Lucas’ dystopian science fiction movie »THX 1138« almost prophetically depicted in 1967. The choreography which restricts touch and contact to an absolute minimum, gains a new dimension against the backdrop of our current situation of social distancing and a yet increased shift towards the digital. The piece with 12 dancers is planned to return to the Volksbühne from December 16 to 18. Ticket sales start on November 16, but reservations are already possible.

Performances in Berlin in December 2020 (with reservations)
Dialoge 2020 – Relevante Systeme II
Sasha Waltz & Guests
radialsystem Berlin
3. 4. 5. December, 8 pm
6. December 2020, 6 pm
with dancers of Sasha Waltz & Guests and musicians from the electro scene in Berlin
Ticket sale starts on November 3 here.

Sasha Waltz & Guests
Volksbühne Berlin
16. 17. 18. December 2020, 8 pm
Ticket sales start on November 16.
Reservations are already possible here:
030-240 65 777