Education & Community – programm 1st July 2018

Diversity and an open, cosmopolitan attitude are the guiding principles of the genre-crossing work within the »Education & Community« framework of Sasha Waltz & guests: these currently include »Dabke Community Dancing«, the choreography »Amal«, and the workshop »Women for common spaces«. On the 1st July we present parts of the programm in cooperation with the Radialsystem

»Women for Common Spaces«
presentation, lecture (German/Arab), concert, gettogether with refreshments
1. July 2018
4-7 pm
Radialsystem Berlin, Studio A
free entry

Together with »Berlin Mondiale« and the Allianz Kulturstiftung, Sasha Waltz & Guests and the Radialsystem have been supporting the initiative  »Women for Common Spaces« of Syrian journalist and activist Yasmine

Merei. She has been giving workshops for Arab-speaking women newly arrived in Berlin, encouraging them to write texts. Two editions of these texts have already been published, giving these women a voice:
Female voices in exile (German)
n° 1 (Nov 2017)
n° 2 (Juni 2018)

a choreography by Medhat Aldaabal and Davide Camplani
with Ali Hasan (Percussion) and Medhat Aldaabal, Moufak Aldoabl, Fadi Waked, Firas Almasre and Nima Thiem (Dance)
1. Juli 2018
8 pm
Radialsystem Berlin
3, 8 and 14 Euro

The piece »Amal« was developed by Medhat Aldaabal and Davide Camplani in 2016 after a dance workshop as part of the ZUHÖREN platform organized by Sasha Waltz & Guests.

You cling to a desire which perhaps your rational mind has already given up. It hurts very often, or it makes you think you are going insane. But then your heart leaps again. Over and over again, conflict seethes, your inner feelings in profound conflict. The choreography by Medhat Aldaabal and Davide Camplani describes this exhausting state of affairs, using all the resources of contemporary dance. His name is »Amal« (Arabic for »hope«). In the form of a young boy, he climbs onto the shoulders of four men, he will not allow them to remain lying on the ground, and he uses his gentle severity to plunge them into turmoil, again and again.

Medhat Aldaabal with Davide Camplani began developing this piece in 2016, after a dance workshop as part of the ZUHÖREN platform organized by Sasha Waltz & Guests. The workshop was a kind of reunion between Aldaabal and his three fellow dancers, all of whom had come from Syria to Berlin. They went on to form the dance group »Amal«; over the course of one year, they developed the full-length choreography of the same name, under the leadership of Aldaabal and Davide Camplani (Sasha Waltz & Guests). Accompanied by Ali Hasan’s live percussion, they found images located between past and future. In doing so, the process of arriving in a new society repeatedly brought the dancers’ individual reflections back to the idea of hope.

A production by Sasha Waltz & Guests in the programm »Education & Community«.
Made in Radialsystem.
The performance is funded by the fellowship »Weltoffenes Berlin« of the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe and in cooperation with the residency programm  »Artists at risk« of Allianz Kulturstiftung.
Sasha Waltz & Guests is funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe and the Capital Cultural Fund.