»Allee der Kosmonauten« as video-on-demand on YouTube

From July 1st to 10th we continue our online program on our YouTube channel with a recording of one of Sasha Waltz’ iconic early pieces »Alle der Kosmonauten« (1996).

In 1996, the premiere of »Allee der Kosmonauten« (Avenue of the Cosmonauts) was the very first production at the Sophiensaele. Since then, its choreographic approach has become legendary: the events of the piece center on the living room couch of a high-rise apartment in the Berlin suburb of Marzahn. Within this confined space, the feelings and movements of three generations of a Berlin family build up dangerously. The inhabitants bury their feelings in lethargy or abandon themselves to feedback loops caused by cramped living conditions. The choreographic encounter with this anxious space, crowded and colliding, triggers solutions at the limit of danceability. The lack of tenderness gives rise to uncomfortable comedy. Avenue of the Cosmonauts is one of a number of early Sasha Waltz projects which explore everyday worlds as spaces for dance interpretation. Created at the cusp of a new epoch, the piece recounts an era of living together without escape routes.

In 1998 a filmic version of »Allee der Kosmonauten« was directed by Sasha Waltz for ARTE/ZDF, which in the year 2000 was awarded the Adolf-Grimme-Preis and is now available as video-on-demand free of charge on our YouTube channel.


Allee der Kosmonauten
Sasha Waltz

Direction / Choreography
Sasha Waltz
Set Design
Thomas Schenk, Sasha Waltz
Costume Design
Annette Bätz
Light Deisgn
André Pronk
Jochen Sandig
Composition Music
Hanno Leichtmann, Lars Rudolph
Composition Accordeon
Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola
Elliot Caplan
Dance / Choreography
Nadia Cusimano, Luc Dunberry, Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola, Nicola Mascia, Takako Suzuki, Laurie Young

Jörg Jeshel
Brigitte Kramer
Ulla Kösterke

kosmonaut films production Berlin in Zusammenarbeit mit arte und ZDF

Hanno Leichtmann, Lars Rudolph © Galler Musikverlag
The song »Kalte Augen« is written by Ralf Bursy, Text: Michael Sellin

Duration: 58 Min.
1st broadcast: 7. April 1999
World Premiere: 23. September 1996, Sophiensaele Berlin

A production of Sasha Waltz & Guests in co-production with Schauburg München, Grand Theatre Groningen, Tollhaus Karlsruhe, Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster, Festival Internacional de Dança, Brasilien and the Siemens Kulturprogramm Berlin / München. Sasha Waltz & Guests is funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.