Charlotte Zerbey und Alessandro Certini: Workshop und Showing

Charlotte Zerbey und Alessandro Certini kommen zurück ins Radialsystem V. Bereits im Oktober 2014 und März 2015 haben die Tänzer und Choregraphen zu Improvisation Labs ins Radialsystem V eingeladen. Vom 5. bis zum 10. September geben sie erneut einen 5 tägigen Workshop mit einem öffentlichen Showing am 10. September. Gezeigt wird »The Gate«, eine Performance, die sie mit einer kleinen Gruppe an Teilnehmenden während des Workshops entwickeln sowie ihr Duo »The Trip«.

Workshop »A glimpse of the future – an instant composition performance lab III«
5.-10. September 2017
Radialsystem V
Open to professional and semi professional dancers.
Participants may invite friends and colleagues to an informal showing on the last day.
There are still some places available.
For more information and registration, please write to

This workshop plays with the predictability and unpredictability of real time performance. By engaging in the fragility of improvised action through listening, the performers track, shape and mold a piece as it proceeds. The workshop’s movement studies bring out personal creativity and theatrical presence.

The warm-up will refine skills of sensing in relationship to ones experience, and will work towards an immediate “performer-audience” connection. Attention is placed on gesture and voice, as well as touch, enabling a concrete awareness of place and feeling states.
The work continues by focusing on dialogue and on composition skills organized in small and large groups with guided sessions of dance improvisation as a collective act. We will create physical narratives that derive from a clear awareness of the overall contexts. This practice refines the ability to develop group work in a living system, a dynamic system of improvised performance that uses the capacity “to play” with the vitality of open choices, with imagination, both personal and collective, aiming towards a vital performance in the richness of the present moment.

Space will be given to vocal explorations; pre-lingual sounding and words will be introduced to develop expression shedding new light on communication and the improvised process.

Showing »The Trip« and »The Gate«
10. September 2017
7pm Studio A
Radialsystem V

»The Trip« by Company Blu 

With a performative mode which takes its roots from the psychedelic culture of the ’60 and 70’ avant-garde years, »The Trip« focuses attention on that “rebellion” of the individual that begins with the beauty of the imagination and of poetic thought and attempts a possible revolution of the self. A discovery of a breath of life that triggers a transformation of everyday experiences into perceptive actions to access a new social reality.

Choreographic sound score
Charlotte Zerbey
Alessandro Certini
Sound design
Spartaco Cortesi
Vincenzo Alterini

With support by MiBACT Ministero dei Beni Culturali e del Turismo e Regione Toscana.

»The Gate«

This next performance Lab proposes work on a piece entitled »The Gate«, which revolves around a textual score that sustains dance, music and spoken word. Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini invite a small group of participants to join in a half evening work that utilizes free movement and improvisation in a guided process.

»The Gate« is a performance that speaks of passage to other places and other realities.
Each of us, as a unique singularity, is constantly choosing between authenticity and inauthenticity. THE GATE imagines an opening beyond this division, a here and now, a creative mind state, a reality of unresolved ends, which allows for migration and new growth to multiply in spontaneous directions. It’s a glimpse of other things to come, barriers that crumble, demolishing what may block different understandings of existence and choice.

As part of a group we may perceive that the quantity of our ordinary efforts may subtract from the quality of the overall creative task, taking away from a sense of appreciation. However, to allow undermining incongruencies to fall aside, a way is achieved, stunned by a sheer force that sparks joy with its humble yet audacious nature.

“It’s a glimpse of a future. Where are the gates of our time? Just one door may be opened or closed, now. Trust you will get where is necessary.”