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DANCE@HOMEOne year ago we posted the 5th chapter from our #Tanztagebuch.Until 30 June 2020 we regularly send danced video-greetings to our audience at home via Facebook, YouTube and our Website. Dancers of Sasha Waltz & Guests performed their own interpretation of short solos from choreographies by Sasha Waltz.We have created short clips to reminiscence the 50 chapters of our dance diary that were created over the course of 14 weeks - enjoy!Musik / Music:Gigue G-dur KV574, Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSoundwalk Collective#danceon #danceathome #keepondancing ... See MoreSee Less

09. Apr. 2021, 4:22  ·  

Sasha Waltz' motivation for today, April 8th 2021:Where the gestures are, the eyes followWhere the eyes go, the mind followsWhere the mind is, there the feeling evolvesWhere the feeling evolves, the Rasa flowsAbhinaya Darpana/Nadikesvara (theatrologist of ancient India)On dramatic actionca. 1000 bcWhat's your #motivationfortoday?Feel free to share.Foto ©Bernd Uhlig ... See MoreSee Less

08. Apr. 2021, 4:39  ·  

Happy Easter:Auch in diesem Jahr haben wir als kleinen Ostergruß wieder eine SWG-Team-Playlist für Euch zusammen gestellt. Also schmeißt den Lautsprecher an, dreht voll auf, und: Tanzt, tanzt, tanzt immer weiter!stephaniebender80 · Playlist · 17 songs · 0 likes ... See MoreSee Less

04. Apr. 2021, 11:00  ·